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Virtual Reality in Japan

Are we there yet? Oh yes!

Something that nobody thought would happen back then in 2000 is a way to watch Japanese porn actress into the virtual reality. This was only dreams from science fiction movies. But the virtual reality is finally there now.


Simply, AMAZING !

What is the most impressive about virtual reality?

One name. Hitomi Tanaka !

Yes, i remember in 2005 if i am not wrong, i was working on the first floor in the DVD section in Shibuya when that day, we received a box with some new performer material. And one of the lady had more advertising content than the others. When i opened the box, there was all these DVD’s with big poster and pamphlets. It was Hitomi’s first video.

I remember after we put her DVD’s on the shelves with the posters in the entrance and inside the elevator, every customer was stopping and watching for at least 5 minutes. It was the first time we were seeing a Japanese with a so huge pair of boobs like this. And she was so skinny which was not making sense.

The first day, all her DVD’s was sold out. It was very impressive and we never saw this before.

Since that day, i have to admit, i always fantasize on her body. By the way, i had her poster right front of the cashier all day long. It’s difficult to avoid her 😉

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard about the virtual reality technology. I saw on first time on Facebook and then all producer wanted to add this new VR technology to the Japanese porn movies here in Japan. I was wishing it will work.

And what happened? The virtual reality finally arrived in Japan. Westerners was the first by the way.

My reaction when i heard Hitomi was in a studio here in Tokyo making her first virtual reality video?


Finally it happened. Finally …

Ok, let’s talk about her video.

I tried it and here my honest opinion.

I am single and the reason why i say this is because, strangely, the feeling with VR is so realistic that i don’t feel to hunt girls anymore recently.

When you masturbate yourself, either you watch videos or you use your imagination. The next day, you probably still feel to masturbate again. But with the virtual reality, i felt i was really with Hitomi. I mean, it was so realistic that after i was done, i was feeling i really had sex with her and the next day, i was still thinking about her waiting to go back home and meet her again in the virtual reality using the VR goggles.

Call it addictive if you want but i call it, my new virtual girlfriend!!

When i was looking down, i could feel the depth between the floor and her stomach (she was laid down on the bed while i was over her). The feeling is very unique.

Look some screenshots, you might understand what i mean

i was over her and i thought the legs was mine, you must try it if you want to understand … difficult to explain by words 🙂
Sometimes she comes very close to my face trying to kiss me, i really feel it’s true!

Which VR goggles is recommended

Here the thing. Something nobody is talking about is how the VR goggles really work. The reason why i say this is because if you have myopia issue with your eyes, it is better to NOT wear glasses.

As soon as you wear the VR goggles, you have to adjust the lens depth using a button on top. It will adjust your vision. So, i recommend you to wear your lens contact to feel comfortable.

Which VR goggles i recommend?

If it’s only for watching videos, i would go with something not too expensive with a headset connected for the sound like this kind of vr goggle. Even 2000 yen ($20) would do the job.

However, my biggest recommendation would be about the weight. Try to find a very light goggle because when you move your head to watch up and down, wearing a heavy one will make you feel it’s moving and it won’t be comfortable.

When you masturbate yourself, you want to do your best to not feel those heavy goggles on your nose. So opt for light ones.


I still feel i want to watch even more porn videos from the virtual reality. I think this is a new addiction i have now but the feeling is so good. Imagine, you can feel big asses and big boobs from real people i never met here in Japan, it’s amazing!

Try this if you want more VR videos with all the crew in Japan such as Hana haruna, Mia, Kaho Shibuya …

Now, i just need a new couch to lay down longer time 😉

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