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R18.com website alternatives

The best R18.com alternatives

Tired of paying too much with poor quality?

After trying over 30 Japanese sex websites online, I end up with three good options.



High quality and high standard videos specialized in big Japanese tits



Tons of videos from Japan even those movies challenging to find


Hand Job japan

Uncensored Japanese videos with gorgeous ladies



What is the R18 website?

R18, a.k.a DMM is a Japanese based website specialized in adult videos that were in the past reserved for the Japanese audience only.

Since around 2016, DMM decided to go abroad to increase profit, which was their biggest mistake. Before, which considered as unique and one of the most non-accessible videos is now viewed as a standard “Asian” video.

Back then, in 2000, if you wanted to watch sex videos made in Japan, you had to travel straight to Japan and buy DVDs.

Sex shop in Kabukicho, Tokyo

I didn’t even mention the language barrier when foreigners tried to pay at the cashier. Also, if you tried to contact a shop by email, most of the time, nobody was replying if the email was from foreign countries.

However, there were two websites online; both managed by native Japanese from Tokyo. The only problem is there were not well seen inside Japan among the adult industry since none of them wanted to let the sex videos go outside Japan.

But for the love of big boobs, these two websites have opened the door, which was once closed.

Asianoo.com was the first, an excellent shop.

Asianoo website back in 1999


A few months later, Superav.com open doors to foreign countries. The only one in Japan at that time.

SuperAv back in 2001

SuperAv back in 2000


It was the most significant moment for the Japanese sex industry. Nobody did it before.

If you check the website history stats, you can see SuperAv was toping 100% on google for many years. Traffic was reaching over 20 000 views EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not bad for something that was not even in English. Every foreigner wanted to watch sex movies from Japan.

Then, SuperAv bought Asianoo to make it one only.

A few years later, the big SuperAv’s popularity reached some entrepreneurs in the USA and DMM in Tokyo. SuperAv’s Stats was enough to convince them to do business outside Japan.

Oh my, oh my. It was the beginning of the east against the west.

This was when R18 was born, and it was the beginning of a total mess.

R18 website brought the same rules from the DMM website to California, do you know what I am talking about?

Yes, selling videos with a DRM lock certificate.

Before DMM, nobody was selling videos with DRM online, and DMM opened their business in 2001 or so. They grew very quick in Japan with the marketplace business model. DMM doesn’t belong to ordinary people if you know what I mean. It means, quickly, they controlled the entire sex market in Japan. Every producer was allowing DMM to sell their movies. In only 12 months, they were selling over 200 000 videos, much more than what you could find in a DVD rental shop such as stutaya.

From the first few months, R18 opened in California but still managed from Tokyo, the nightmare began.

Pirate websites grew like mushrooms.

Do you wonder how it happened?

Very simple. While they were selling a “pay per movie” solution, all was fine until R18 decided to sell membership with channel grouping some production together under a smaller fee.

Tons and when I say tons, I mean A LOT of Chinese and Taiwanese started pirates website with the ads model.

From the producer’s point of view, here in Japan. Respect toward R18 decreased very fast, causing so much loss for many producers.

I remember one producer specialized in massive tits size. He had two types of production.

One was about Japanese women filmed without asking their authorization from the beach in summer. This series was in high demand because it’s real, and since Japanese women don’t have big boobs usually, seeing boobs in bikini using a hidden camera was so attracting.

The second was with amateur women. He was approaching them on the streets and doing his best to bring them to a love hotel to start filming. This series was very famous too.

Unfortunately, because of all the pirate websites, he was losing money, and he couldn’t pay the production anymore.

The first series ended up seven years ago, and the second production is about to end. He released only one video this year, and it was not even official.


Why buying videos from other sites than the R18 website?

  1. Think of DRM lock on videos.
  2. Think of high prices
  3. Think of bad customer service
  4. Think of fake HD resolution (They claim videos are HD while they are not. The truth is, their videos are not authentic HD. Some yes, but not all of them. To be precise, take a DVD and resize it to a bigger size, you will get a  video with artifacts)
  5. Think of forcing you to subscribe (Your data is 100% used for marketing (check your emails) and to ban you as well from their website if needed. If R18 banned you, you might even be blocked in japan on other Japanese websites that you never visited yet! So much control over your identity !!)
  6. Think of hidden fees (They claim it’s $16 to $32 per month. With this price, you can only watch on their site in standard resolution. This is after you paid. They will offer you to watch in HD for $80 or so per month. That shows how their business model is. Don’t you think it’s better to think straight from the start?)


In short, think of freedom and what you are supposed to get for what paid for. R18 doesn’t control the market. Nobody does actually, not even DMM. There will always be a better alternative. Try another website and use the one that fits more your expectations.

There are so many websites online now where you can find Japanese sex videos, but the question is, do you want to watch good quality videos provided by the producer, or you prefer to watch a bunch of low res videos under a low price?

The difference is like day and night.

Website providing tons of movies under a monthly fee provides a lower quality (cheap), simply because all the videos are copied from the original to save space server. The video artifact is the result.

On the other hand, when you watch it from useful websites, (pay per movie), you get the source version. Videos are more clear without the DRM certificate in most cases, and it even helps producers to stay in business, which makes sense.

DMM and R18 will do everything possible to stay in business.

This information will surely fulfill your expectations with Japanese sex websites. At least you will save money and get more for your buck, finally!


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