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R18.com website alternatives

After trying over 30 Japanese sex websites online, I end up with three good alternatives. Here are the recommended websites from Japan ...

Jealous man beat his girlfriend for starting threesome without him

We planned the threesome together but she didn't wait for me so beat it, claimed John !

WD TV Streaming box

New way to watch movies on TV

Oh, how many times i have been asked “how can i watch SuperAv’s movies on TV?”. Well my friend, finally here the best tool ever. We have been...

1H00AM Saturday night

Halloween Party Saturday night Roppongi 2014

Halloween Party Saturday night in  Roppongi 2014 Roppongi, known for Japanese as the foreign area, where Japanese girls are looking for cute foreigners! Halloween night...

crowded Shibuya 2014

Halloween Party Saturday night Tokyo Shibuya 2014

Halloween Party Saturday night Tokyo 2014 Do you like halloween party ? Halloween night club photos – Few hours ago (Saturday 2H00am Tokyo) Don’t forget that...

Halloween front crowd view in Shibuya streets

Tokyo Halloween 2014

Tokyo Halloween 2014 ! Photo taken in the last 5 hours in Tokyo: Saturday, November 1, 2014  The best Halloween costume we found by walking in Tokyo’s streets...

Free movie for Halloween !

Halloween 2014 in japan is finally today ! Let’s celebrate it with a free zombie movie A big 4 GB movie in full screen HD, what better can you find for free?!@@...

50% discount on every movies & toys !

Hello all !   Yes, SuperAv release a 50% discount on this sunday October 26th Only during 24 hours ! I recommend to get everything you want before the end of the...

porn star autograph event in japan

How to get an autograph from a star ?

How to get an autograph from a AV actress ? Have you ever wonder how to get an autograph (Signature) from a Av porn star in Japan when you are not Japanese ?  ...