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is Fuko still alive ?

But where is Miss Fuko ?

Since 2 years, i can’t count how many people emailed us this question, but where is Fuko (JP: 風子), we miss her big tits, is she still acting in the porn industry?

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Let me answer you straight before i go deeper into the topic. No, she is not acting anymore for sex movies.

So what happen, you might wonder that question since she was one of the most popular girl in japan and even in foreign countries after 2007. Well, that is simple. The reason is a mixed of personal reason (her life at home) and business value.


About her life:

Like every actress, many of them start to act for money or for curiosity. Once they are into the mechanical system, 99% of them named as AV Star can’t stop because of money. It simply pay too much to stop. But women are not like men. Women are more emotional than men and some of them get pregnant. Actually, many of them but they simply never mention it to public. it is way too private to share it and lets not forget something, we are Japanese and our culture is very very strict more than you can imagine. I wont go too deep in the culture topic but if you get pregnant, some of them decide that is time to retire and become more serious. In her case, she got pregnant once and then stopped during 1 year. Don’t be fool by some web articles talking about her life. Most of these topics are written by non-Japanese people with false information but still very close i have to admit.


Her business value:

As you noticed since many years, adult industry have been destroyed by free sites. i will not name them here because this is not ethic. But these sites have grown like mushroom on a dirty tree. Created and owned by so many Vietnamese and some foreigners, these guys have been able to change the whole sex market industry in Japan. Every one have been affected, small shop to even the biggest shop that you wont even suspect. This change have not only affected producers and shops but actress/actors as well. You probably ask yourself “but how much did she lost in her income”? Well, because incomes are very private and can not be divulge at large to public, let me give you an example. Lets say she was making 500 700.00¥ Yen (usd$ 5000), 1 year after the vague of free sites, producer could only pay her 71638.00¥ Yen (usd$ 700) per scene. Problem is we can not and we will never be able to stop them. It’s like a virus, you stop 1 site and they make another one and they hide them self over and over. And now most of very famous AV star in Japan are actually considering another way to make money other than acting. Soon you may see many good actress disappear because it doesn’t pay well anymore. In my opinion, only 1 is protected because she very close friend to high producer, Hitomi Takana but the others are affected.


Then, since around 3 years, Fuko has decided to make some webcam show in Japan for the Japanese audience only because she doesn’t speak English at all and trust me, she is making 5 times more money than she was making on sex movies.


She came on TV at late night show last week for fun, she got paid very well to appear on TV so for now, i am 99.9999% sure you will not see Fuko and her beautiful breast in movies anymore, sorry. blame these free sites and shame to them, not us.


Fuko on TV

Fuko on TV for a boobs contest










Fuko fighting  for the biggest breast on Japanese TV show

Fuko fighting for the biggest breast on Japanese TV show











First 5 minutes of Fuko on TV

First 5 minutes of Fuko on TV












Oh and in that show, of course she won.

And 1 little gossip but this is really my opinion, she got little more fat since a year.

Fuko got little fat recently but still beautiful

Fuko got little fat recently but still beautiful










I guess staying at home doesn’t help but she still the same beautiful Japanese girls as she was and her bust is still make head turn, it’s incredible how her bust have such big power on men even right now !!

I hope this little topic about “is Fuko still alive ?” cleared your mind.

I let you with some photos of her last month and from yesterday. Of course her boobs are even bigger than before because she got little bit more fat but don’t you think she is so sexy now?

Fuko promoting Himuko

Fuko promoting Himuko


Fuko in Hawaii in bikini

Fuko in Hawaii in bikini

Fuko's look right now

How Fuko looks today



10 thoughts on “is Fuko still alive ?

  1. Enzo Luciano

    Good article. I finally have some info about what really happened to Fuko after her AV days. I’ve been a big fan of her since 2008, and no other pornstar, Japanese or otherwise, have replaced her in my heart! I trust that this source is really true and accountable, since it’s from Japan, and the fact that you (the writer) is Japanese as well, straight from the source I suppose. I didn’t know that free porn sites are actually ruining the Japanese porn industry, and are also making the actors and actresses earn less now. And when you mentioned that there will probably be less adult performers soon in the Japanese industry, I started to get a bit worried, because Japanese porn is one of my top 3 favorite kind of porn, and the idea that there will be fewer Japanese pornstars in the future actually scares me! Also, I guess now I know why Fuko/P-Chan’s breasts are bigger now, it’s because she was pregnant before, I didn’t know that! But you didn’t explain if she ever gave birth or not, I’m a bit curious actually. But, I’m glad she’s back to doing adult modelling for foreign companies, much like Hitomi Tanaka. Thanks again for this informative article.

    1. 榎本 翔子

      Hello Enzo

      Yes i have to admit it is sad Fuko doesn’t perform anymore. There is a rise of new performer since 2 years, maybe we will see a similar woman with her same body, who knows! 🙂

      The problem with porn actress is they mostly start from university with the “naive” and curious attitude. Once tried one or two movies, many give up for different reason. That’s why you see so many different performer but only few stay active. Hitomi by exemple, she is paid way over the average actress, that’s why she stay in the industry. But even though, the free porn tube make the producer lose 75% of revenue. Imagine, they release the DVD on day 1 and on day 3, it’s already online on sex tube. Unlike 8 years ago a DVD could be sold for minimum 6 month. This affect all these beautiful actress, they must perform more for less money…

      About Fuko, yes she had a child (happy mom). if i get some news i will post it here. She came on TV at 5PM on entertaining show after that she disappeared again. Let see 🙂

  2. carl

    I had read this page ,now I had the answer for something that called my attention.in 2015 I had read that Hitomi Tanaka was in Los angeles USA promoting her latest DVD also she was in facebook so I sent her a message ..and she responded saying to pay to watch her dvd online..I didn’t believe she was ,cause you always find a impersonator that wants to make money using people name..and I asked myself why she has to do that ..the company is suppose to sell her dvd online?

    1. 榎本 翔子


      i am not sure what is your question but yes she works for a company under exclusive contract but her manager have to sell as much as possible of her movies to cover all the expensive cost that occur a 1 week filming with all the staff so they sell DVD’s but also online version for those who can not wait for the shipping. I hope it answer to your question 🙂

  3. Black14u2

    I miss Fuko tits so much!!!! Her tits are sooooooo amazing!!!! Well I guess no more seeing those beauties bouncing shaking and jiggling. What a sad time for huge tit lovers!!!!! And she had a baby, I can only imagine how much bigger her tits are now!!!!! So sad 😔 😔 😢 😢

  4. tameike

    Fuko was a novelty. Her S1 contract ended and she was quite boring on film. She didn’t sell well, because she wasn’t into the sex in the movies. Once a few were released there wasn’t going to be anything different. No other studio signed her.

  5. Charlie Horton

    I live in Sydney,Australia. I’m trying to find DVDS of big breasted Japanese women.
    All the sites I have looked at just want you to download adult DVDS. I am looking for a site that has a big range of DVDS.


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