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Hana Haruna Boobs

Hana Haruna and her amazing boobs

Hana Haruna (春菜はな) one of the most popular boobs actress in Japan after kaho Shibuya.

This beautiful Japanese girl, aged of 29 (1988) and born in Aichi Prefecture is one of the most wanted on adult screen in Japan, for good reason.

When she started back in 2010, her breast was smaller, around I cup but then only recently she gained some weight and that’s gave her a new cup size. A big Kcup and even, sometimes it’s between K to Lcup !

See the difference before and after:

Before in 2010

Hana Haruna boobs back in 2010 with a L-cup boobs size

And now

Hana Haruna boobs closeup now with a Kcup

I guess the difference is obvious ! No surgery, 100% natural !!

Because of her “willing to do any kind of fetishes” attitude and her boobs size, Hana is gaining more and more attention recently and it wont stop.

You want a Japanese with a beautiful face and a big pair of boobs, you got it. When a producer here in Tokyo approach her for a new movie, they are always surprised of her willingness. She can do anything you dream of, seriously. You name it …

Hana Haruna preferred fetishes:

Two, four, ten guys on her and so on ? Anything she does is for her fans and it pay off. She has over 120 781 fans following her across social media.

Peach juice or ?

Hana with glasses

Hana Haruna showing her cleavage

Aside of being a talented and so sexy actress, in real life, she is kind of calm person. Imagine her as a library girl and you have her outside studios. She even has a hobby as a singer.

I bet during the 2018 year, you will see her in new movies in even wilder actions. i strongly recommend any “new” movies. I say new because her boobs got much bigger since less than a year and if you are reading this, it probably means you prefer big tits, right ?!

Ok, let me finish with these photos for your eyes 🙂

Hana Haruna enjoying sperm by over 6 Japanese men

Hana Haruna cum face by multiple Japanese guys

Hana Haruna cum face

Hana Haruna wanking dick

Hana Haruna Bukkake

Hana Haruna in sexy lingerie

Hana Haruna boobs sexy pose

Hana Haruna doing solo

Hana Haruna ass face sitting with lotion over

Hana Haruna closeup on her ass

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