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GAS-454 Yuuki Video

Yuuki the biggest boobs from Japan

She officially became the most famous busty japanese girl in Japan. Yes, since 2 months, she even got more viewed and likes than Hitomi Takana!!

Her newest movies featuring her boobs much bigger than before, see by yourself

I want to watch Tits bigger and bigger! Bouncing Tits

Yuuki boobs

Big areolas with a big pair of boobs, Yuuki is the best!!

I used an ultra small camera to capture the bigger boobs of Inori larger. 

Tits, I want to see bigger ~! It is a new series that started with that feeling . You can see boobs shaking from various angles. 

P cup super milk of a size that I have never seen before !

Please enjoy the power of swinging breasts looking up from the bottom, such astransparent leotard GYM , tits taken with a very small camera, sex and fucking, and shooting party sex.


Her previous video made her almost at the top

Iori Yuuki Boobs from Japan

But her newest video pushed her like a rocket to the top!

Strongly recommended

Yuuki Video

That’s Yuuki before performing in her movie last week


  • Boobs Size10
  • Story8
  • Camera Angle9
  • POV10
  • Willing to try everything10
  • 9.4


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