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6 Asian big butt from Japan (You have to see this)

6 Japanese women with a big butt that will make you hard!

For a few years, Japanese women are getting more and more popular due to their incredible beauty and super large curves. Here is the most beautiful woman in japan with the biggest butt ever. You have to watch this. You won’t handle more than two big pairs of fat Japanese booties.

The biggest butt in Japan:

  1. Maria Nagai 永井マリア
  2. Tsukasa Aoi
  3. Kurea Hasumi
  4. Ruka Inaba
  5. Karen Uehara
  6. Shiori Tsukada
  7. Satsuki Aoyama
  8. Nami Hoshino
  9. Hana Haruna


If you like Asian, these women are the cream of the cream. Stunning asses covered with lotion so close to the camera that you won’t be able to keep your hand off your cock!


Maria Nagai 永井マリア

Biggest butt #1. (The Japanese Queen)

Oh my, so breathtaking ass! It can’t be larger than her butt. Maria Chan, she is relatively new in the AV industry but has been noticed by a producer during a night in a bar. Maria Nagai has one of the biggest butts in Japan this year, even more than Kurea Hasumi!

Her ass size is due to daily butt training at the gym and her dancing class. It’s evident from her videos, I mean pronounced.


Look at Maria’s butt training at the gold gym in Tokyo!

Biggest Asian butt in Japan Maria Nagai

Have you ever seen a Japanese lady with a butt like this?

Maria Nagai doing a doggy position with this g-string makes her butt much bigger.


Even her tits are big. Maria has the perfect curves.


Maria’s butt is way too big for her pants! Look at the video.


If you come across her at the gym, you will fall for her body, but what about seeing Maria Nagai in porn videos?

One of her favorite things is when her butt gets covered with oil.

If you enjoy willing girls, she is for you. Not only Maria has a stunning body, but she is even so open mind to do anything.

She even enjoys tasting cum!

This photo is from her newest video, which is impressive with tons of butt POV shots.

Can’t wait to watch her in real fuck action?

🎥 Here are her best and newest videos. You will fall for her!

Maria with big black cocks

A butt you will remember forever!


Tsukasa Aoi

Biggest butt #2.

Tsukasa Aoi 葵つかさ has been around a few years already, but this Japanese girl has so many skills that will make you so much horny very quickly!

One of her best assets is her ass. Fantastic butt shape with a real significant hip size. Something you want to bang like you never did before.

We meet her multiple times in real here at SuperAv office, and it’s true, she is gorgeous, and her ass is splendid with a round shape like a big bubble. Kind of bootie you want to grab without asking questions. If you like sloppy blowjob, she has tons of skills using her lips and her hands, as well.

Tsukasa Aoi in Tokyo at Roppongi Hills restaurant, say hi!


In reality, you probably won’t recognize her but add some body lotion and makeup, and you will end up with this:


Did you know Tsukasa Aoi even sing? Yes, apart from performing in Japanese porn videos, she is part of a singing group, similar to AKB48 in Japan.

Tsukasa Aoi’s Event


🎥 If you like Tsukasa and want to see her videos, I recommend watching that one where her butt looks so huge!



Kurea Hasumi

Biggest butt #3.

Who is Kurea Hasumi?

Kurea Hasumi, 蓮実クレア, a beautiful Japanese woman with soft skin known for her impressive big butt and of course, famous for her naughty attitude with an intense sexual desire.

Kurea Hasumi drinking biru.

Kurea Hasumi at home.

The amazing Kurea Hasumi’s butt. You can see how her hip is significant.


Kurea Hasumi has been in the adult industry for many years, much longer than the others, but she is still one of the most popular among ass fans in Japan and even in western countries because of her significant hip.

Born in December, a Sagittarius in the soul, that’s why she is such an open mind lady with a high sex drive, Kurea Hasumi is now 27 years old with over 50 videos in her active.

She started to gain popular when she released the video “Big Ass Maniacs” (デカ尻マニアックス) featuring for the first time her big bottom in very close view, aka, POV.

🎥 If you can’t wait to see her butt in action, watch her newest video, strongly recommended:

Kurea Hasumi is on the left



Unfortunately for many fans, despite tons of producer’s requests with pressure from fans, she declined to make anal penetration with actors, but she still very good at showing her big Japanese bootie on camera.

Let see some of her best butt angles shot on camera for a few years.

Something not so many people know about her is about cumshot. She has a fetish for men cumming on her face; that’s why she is agreed to perform such a face ejaculation scenes recently.

Are you a fan of Kurea Hasumi too?


Ruka Inaba

Biggest butt #4.

Ruka Inaba 稲場るか is a very new idol that turned into a hardcore AV performer in Japan. She is typically known for her young type of school girl allure, but her ass is amazingly big and even looks more prominent with the perfect camera angle. A little bit less popular in western countries but extremely in demand in Japan due to her face and her curves.

Ruka always appears on camera with shaved pussy and so obsessed with crazy sexual stuff. She doesn’t have so much limit about sex. You can see from her videos. If plump ass is what you like, you will love watching her get banged from behind.

She has a big pair of tits and a big butt with a significant hip that you want to grab. She likes gang bang, blowjob, being a slave… Everything as long as it’s very sexual, this is what she likes. Since she is relatively new, it’s the best time for her to experiment with things. That’s why her movies are exciting.

Look her butt in these pants, so tight!

Some Ruka Inaba’s DVDs

Ruka Inaba is on the left with some school friends.


Let see the best Ruka Inaba’s video butt scenes.

Ruka Inaba covering her butt with lotion

POV angle on her butt.

🎥 If you want to watch her video, this one is perfect for watching her butt.

Newest Ruka video.


Karen Uehara

Biggest butt #5.

Not so popular, but Karen Uehara has such an enormous ass!

This is a fat ass!! Karen Uehara exceeds when it’s about butt sizes.

Karen Uehara, 上原花恋, is the typical blonde Japanese gal with massive butt. By the way, if you like her, there are tons of Japanese girls like her in Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan.

In most of her videos, her performance is not always genuine; I have to admit. Most likely, she is there to performed and go back home. That is unfortunate; however, for the pleasure of watching a big ass getting bang, Karen Uehara worth all of it, and soon, you forget she is performing, and you start focusing on her hip moving up and down on a Japanese cock! (Sorry, she didn’t got sex with a foreigner front of the camera yet).


Karen Uehara in her daily life

Can you guess which one is Uehara’s butt?


🎥 Here three recommended videos featuring the big Uehara’s butt


Karen Uehara’s video is wearing a pantyhose, for fetishes amateurs.





Seriously, it can’t be more significant than her ass! Fantastic video in the “Chubby butt star.”


Some stunning shot on her ass

I am shaking the bootie! That’s why we like her.

Yes, this is her asshole! Usually banned in Japan.


Do you prefer Asian’s butt with a sexy tan line?

Butt tan lines #6.

When banging a big plump ass, a very sexy tan line is so erotic. Add some lotion all over the ass and bingo, and it becomes so naughty!

Stunning tan line

Here’s two recommended ass video with a tan line.

asian with butt tan lines  japanese butt tan line  massive asian ass



What about you, which Japanese actress do you think has the biggest butt in Japan?


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