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Biggest Asian Boobs 2018

Who has the biggest boobs in 2018?

In Japan, since May 01, there is a huge competition between Hitomi Takana and Iori Yuuki

Two amazing and beautiful Japanese ladies. Since 2008, Hitomi has dominated the world with her enormous breast size. Many wonders how come she gained so huge size. But recently, a new woman has been discovered. Yuuki (優木いおり), started as a massage specialist in a soaoland and soon been asked to be filmed. Glady for all of us, she is now on screen and surprisingly, in only two months, she gained more likes and views than Hitomi. Yuuki San made her first movie on December 14 2017 with this movie:

Everyone surprised by this extremely large breast housewife

I would say there will always be a fan club following Hitomi, she has a boog agent to promote her around the world (Vegas, Ireland, Germany …), however, it become obvious Yuuki is gaining more attention.

2017年12月13日に「痴漢遭遇率120%!誰もが驚く特乳128cmPカップ 超乳輪妻AVデビュー 優木いおり」でAVデビューした。

Hitomi has way much experience now than Yuuki but does it really matter? Being real and natural behind the camera is what we are looking for after all, right? (yes yes, the bust size too)

The newest Yuuki video beating Hitomi’s views this month

魅惑の巨大乳輪 優木いおり πr2面積154cm2

Twice The Titties Size

[Full Unlocked Edition] A GAS Exclusive Revival!

It is the long-awaited “Yuuki Yuuki” second volume.

Strongly recommend video! A GAS Exclusive Revival!

Who is Yuuki? That is her. Say hello to Yuuki:

You should see without the shirt!

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