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Hello all,

Firstly, my English name is Helen (Shoko Emamoto) and i represent the SuperAv version for people who does not speak Japanese. Myself with 4 other writers put lot of effort to provide you interesting topics in your English language. It may be possible to find some English spelling mistakes. Sorry in advance, we are not native English but we do our best. Being a group of 2 girls and 4 guys located in the middle of japan to cover this English blog, we know what guys like about all kind of Asian girls fantasy and we always listen to our customers needs. You can contact me “Helen” or one of my team to request a movie or a topic but make sure that we already add new movies every few days of the week in different section of the website (superav.com) to fulfill all possible desire.

We are firstly specialized in high definition HD viewing 16:9 for PC, MAC, I phone and TV. Our skills are about Japanese girls with a big pair of boobs mostly with a size between j cup to r cup or so. As well for Japanese girls with a beautiful and big ass, those you see on the street with a round shape when she is walking in a tight pants. But for all other fetishes, just click on the other section, you will find everything you want for sure and in good quality viewing, not low with many pixels, trust me on that.

One thing is important to mention here, all our movies are from the source, not a copy (simply because we work with producers in our city and sometimes we produce our own DVD’ s), that’s why we can provide such a good quality. So you can always contact me or Keiko (If you are already a customer of us, you probably know her) or one of my staff for any questions.

So if you are looking for an Asian women movie from Japan with a bust larger than normal size (from 18 to 45 years old) or from Thailand, you are at the right place. And the good side of this website is the bridge we offer for non Japanese speaker to our store which we normally only supply people here and not outside our country. (The reason why is simple, our culture and people are very shy and we don’t want trouble with those who are not living here). But, at least, now there is no limit in what kind of DVD, download or streaming you can have !


Thank you again !!

Helen Motoshoko (Emamoto)

ヘレン・モトショコ @-@**!