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Video Bundle
[MOVIE BOX] Plug and play with 300 videos
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USD  999.00
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300 Videos of your choice!

Value: $2125,00$999

Note: After you pay, please send a message to sales@superav.com and send your movie list.

Go to www.superav.com and select 300 movies from the website and send us 300 titles. Your package will be ship the same day.

This bundle is perfect for the sex maniac video watcher wishing to sit and relax with over 300 videos waiting to be played without the dazzle of buffering or changing disc.

It is very quick. Once you receive your package, open it and connect the external hard drive to your TV (if your TV accept USB) or to your computer monitor and over 300 movies will be there ready to be played.

External Hard Drive: The case color may change depending on the date you place your order. The color could be red, black, silver, blue.

PC Computer: You can use windows media player, VLC player or media Classic player. All are free.

MAC computer: You can use the Free VLC player

TV: You need to make sure your TV has a USB port. Not every TV play video from an external hard drive, please make sure before purchasing this bundle.

If you have trouble to watch on your TV, connecting your laptop to your TV using a HDMI cable or a USB cable would solve the solution and play all the movie.

Please note: The format is indicated in each video detailed page. Unfortunately, for such a amount of movies, we can not change their format but each movies has been tested to make sure they play correctly.

Discount Code: Please do not use your discount code on this bundle if you have one. The price is already discounted at its lowest price, thank you.

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