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Some Sexual Usefull meaning words

What is a Black gals: Japanese girl with very dark tanned skin
What is a Hand job, tug job, tits job or tug job: A slang term referring to the sexual stimulation of a penis using the hands and fingers or the breast. It is a form of outer course or non-penetrative sex and, not involving the exchange of bodily fluids, is a type of safer sex.
Fingering: The manual stimulation of a females sex organs using fingers is usually called fingering.
Squirting: Touching the G spot of the female using finger, it may happen the female release fluid in big quantity during the orgasm.
Tits shaking blowjob: When the camera give a view from bottom side, under the breast of the woman during she performed a blowjob
Big milk tits: In japan, "big milk tits" is often used as a slang and refered as the size of the breast which is very big and natural shape not like breast implants. However, in western culture, "big milk tits" is refered as the milk from the breast of a woman named "lactating".
What does Incest mean: When someone is having sex with another member of the same family. By example, mother have sexual relation with her daugther.